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Cavendish Brown is a privately owned Independent Wealth Management organization founded in 1998. The two principals, David Cavendish and John Brown, have been working together since 1982 and have seen the industry change many times over. We currently have over 40 advisors who specialize in different sectors and the same with our compliance and support staff. We employ over 180 analysts in different continents, providing research in all areas of the markets.

Our firm was created to give families the framework to invest intentionally, simplify the complexities of wealth and cultivate a culture of communication, preparation and the alignment—so they leave legacies that last for generations. We build authentic, meaningful relationships with the families we serve.

Our Services

Investment Solutions Tailored Just for You

Sustainable Investing

Sustainable investing integrates ESG factors to balance financial return with social and environmental impact, promoting long-term sustainability.

Financial Consultation

Financial consultation provides personalized guidance and advice on managing finances, investments, and planning for the future.

Investment Advisory

Investment advisory offers tailored recommendations and strategies to optimize investment portfolios and achieve financial goals

Financial Planning

Financial planning involves creating comprehensive strategies to manage assets, liabilities, and goals for short- and long-term financial well-being.

Fundraising Assistance

Fundraising assistance provides support and guidance in securing capital or donations for projects, organizations, or initiatives.

Financial Analysis

Financial analysis involves assessing the financial health and performance of companies or investments through detailed examination of data and metrics.

We Love What We Do

We Love What We Do investment focuses on supporting businesses and projects aligned with passionate and purpose-driven endeavors.

Helping Small Businesses

Assisting small businesses involves providing support and guidance to enhance operations, growth, and success.


Frequently Asked Questions

Cavendish Brown Wealth Management remains fully independent and as such you can be sure that, unlike many restricted firms, we will be able to recommend the best product for your requirements. We are completely independent and are not tied to any fund manager, platform, product or provider. We are free to search the whole market for an offering to suit any of our clients needs.

No. At Cavendish Brown, you will be given one adviser who will look after your affairs to avoid you having to explain your circumstances every time you make contact. The advisers are the business owners and as such you can be sure your adviser will remain in place for years to come rather than being regularly allocated new advisers.

Wealth management is the process of putting together a plan that supports you in achieving your financial goals. It can be as simple as helping you manage some money you want to invest, through to a full financial review to understand how your money can support your ambitions in life.

Some clients choose to do so because they need help planning for financial goals or life events. Others don’t have the time or the desire to manage their investment portfolios or simply value the input of a financial professional, who can provide a professional opinion.

There is often said to be crossover when it comes to understanding the difference between wealth management and financial planning. You may find that a wealth manager typically focuses on your investments and money and will help to provide a sensible investment strategy. A financial planner may take into account more than just your investments and will dig deeper on your lifes goals and how you will get there.

Whilst we tend to see the big-ticket items in our lives such as a home or car as our most valuable assets, and insure these accordingly, we tend to forget about the other big asset in our lives – ourselves! For the majority of us it is our ability to earn an income throughout our working life that allows us to build our wealth. So it is important to ask what would happen if you were unable to work suddenly due to injury or illness or the effect on your family if you were no longer here. There are many ways in which we can insure ourselves against some of these unforseen circumstances and a wealth manager is best placed to advise you accordingly.

Tax-efficient investing refers to the practice of taking the impact of taxes into consideration when making investment decisions. For instance, ensuring a portfolio is held within a tax efficient wrapper or considering the tax status of an account before withdrawing money from it.